Noodle & Boo French-Milled Baby Soap

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French-Milled Baby Soap for tender and mild washing care 1: 100% vegetable oil base does not contain detergents or surfactants. 2: Wholesome oatmeal, sweet almond oil and nutrient-rich milk protein moisturize young skin. 3: Set of two 3 ounce bars Turn your "nudie cutie" into a "clean bean" All natural formula made from 100% pure vegetable oil. Does not contain dehydrating detergents or irritating surfactants found in most soap today. Tenderly soothes skin with oatmeal and aloe. Mild enough for daily use; can be used on newborns and babies with sensitive skin. Dermatologist and pediatrician tested; hypoallergenic. Clinically-tested for sensitive skin. Set of two 3 ounce bars. Arrives in signature pink/blue packaging. Ingredients vegetable soap base, sweet almond oil, aloe, oat bran flour, milk protein, vitamin e, talc, methyl gluceth, fragrance (parfum) Natural and gentle ingredients Products do not contain questionable ingredients: Parabens Phthalates Sulfates PPG's Dyes GMO's Triclosan Formaldehyde Donors Bisphenol A (BPA) Essential Oils Directions Wet hands and soap, then rub together to create a creamy lather. Apply to baby's skin and rinse well. Follow bath time with our Super Soft Lotion. Saftey tip Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs rinse thoroughly with water.